God's Work. Our Hands.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a community of imperfect people learning, growing, worshipping God, and loving our neighbors together.

We value people of all ages, and welcome the noise of children during our worship services. Our nursery is located in the basement of the education building, and has a sound system which allows you to still hear the worship service. It is available for use during Sunday worship services at parents’ discretion, however, many of our children often remain in the worship service. There are simple worship outlines for children, and bags with coloring books and crayons, located on a shelf in the back of the sanctuary to use as you wish. A children’s sermon is included in our Sunday worship services.

Both our Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship services follow a traditional liturgy, with a balance of old and new hymns and songs, and include the sacrament of Holy Communion. Our Saturday evening service is somewhat simplified and shorter in length. Visitors are always welcome in our worship services, and other ministry events. In addition to participation in the assembly, our members of all ages are encouraged to participate in various worship leader positions. More opportunities for this are available on Sundays, as our Saturday service is typically a much smaller group of congregants. We have an adult choir that provides musical offerings about once a month (during the school year) in our Sunday services.